Welcome to MTN LITEbar!

Why choose the MTN LITEbar?    
More output, period.

The MTN LITEbar system is designed, developed, and assembled in the USA.

Why is the MTN LITEbar system the best?

  • Insane Output --- Nothing Can Touch This
  • Crazy Throw --- Increased Spot Intensity Bridges the Gap Between HID and LED Lighting Systems
  • Increased Clarity and Depth Perception --- Neutral White LEDs with Good Color Rendition
  • Awesome Versatility --- Mode Levels, Solid State Switching, and Battery Protection
  • Great Reliability & Customer Support --- USA Based Warranty & Support

For more detail about what makes the MTN LITEbar system great, check out this page.  


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Our experience with high-performance LED lighting products isn't new, even though the MTN LITEbar system is.  If you are looking for some of the best flashlights, flashlight parts, and batteries available, check out mtnelectronics.com.  


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